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What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software can be utilized by users in diverse locations to conduct live conferences. The solution can transmit text, audio, and video. The main benefit is you can interact with users anywhere in the world and thus reduce travel costs. The software allows users to collaborate and share files. Two participants can use a point-to-point system while a multi-point solution is needed if the number of participants exceeds two. Your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone, headphones, and a web camera to use video conferencing software. Show more Advanced systems offer features such as the capability to record meetings, real-time screen sharing, and remote desktop control. Other useful functionality include mobile access, encryption, and cloud storage. Read our reviews of the leading video conferencing systems in the market for more information and you can give special consideration to Flock which our review team rates as the best app in this category. Show less

How was this ranking made?

To develop this ranking of best Video Conferencing Software we have evaluated 209 various apps currently available on the market, studying their features, ease-of-use, customer service, possible integrations and mobile device support with our unique SmartScoreTM rating algorithm. This list has been developed by Jenny Chang, our B2B authority dedicated to the Video Conferencing Software category.

List of Top 12 Video Conferencing Software

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1. Flock

Our score: 9.1 User satisfaction: 97%

A cloud-based collaboration software explicitly designed to improve team communication and business efficiency, Flock helps unify distributed teams and boost productivity. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, it comes with a team messaging feature designed to speed up communication and maximize team output.

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2. RingCentral Video

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 97%

This application allows you to connect with participants from all over the globe from any supported device of your choice. Going beyond the communication platform function, RingCentral Videos allows content sharing of files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. To further optimize its performance, RingCentral Videos offers add-ons for hosting webinars and large meetings, which can accommodate up to 500 participants. It also has free online meetings and screen sharing options that can host up to 100 participants.

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3. Lifesize

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction:

Lifesize is a suite of highly-interoperable video conferencing and virtual meeting room solutions that enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity. Offering the world's first 4k video conferencing capabilities, the software provides seamless and crystal-clear communication that leads to better collaboration and increased productivity.

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4. Skype

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 98%

Skype is a software application whose text, voice, and video tools make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. As the flagship communication program of the Microsoft family, Skype brings a level of stability and competence expected from the software giant.

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5. Zoom

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 99%

A full-featured web conferencing solution, Zoom becomes one of the most popular business applications for its flexibility, ease of use, and affordability. Aside from regular online meetings and training, Zoom also provides virtual conference rooms, which also double as a collaboration workspace. It also offers other communication options via ZoomPhone. Furthermore, its chat system enables cross-platform messaging and file-sharing, which further enhances communication reliability, especially for remote workers.

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6. Cisco WebEx

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 96%

Cisco WebEx is a web conferencing software that aids users to hold online events and meetings, and serves as a team workspace as well. The software features flexible solutions aimed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, and offers different plans to conform to different requirements. Cisco's expertise in network connectivity plays a large part in providing platform, broadcast-quality audio, and multiple productivity tools to WebEx.

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7. GoToMeeting

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 96%

Designed for online business meetings and deployable from the desktop app, mobile app or via browser. The app allows for up to 3,000 participants, among the biggest capacity in the niche.

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8. Ryver

Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 99%

Ryver is a free, seamless cloud application that enables companies to become faster and more flexible in how they collaborate and communicate. It offers unlimited users and searchable messages, all in a package that comes with a versatile API.

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9. HighFive

Our score: 8.7 User satisfaction: 99%

High Five is a video conferencing tool that offers versatile solutions for carrying out online meetings and conferences simpler and more enjoyable. It offers a combined hardware and software solution to deliver HD video and Dolby Voice® powered audio to deliver an exceptional “like you’re there” experience. Installation and setup only takes 15 minutes, and members can join simply by clicking the meeting link.

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10. Zoho Cliq

Our score: 8.7 User satisfaction: 100%

Formerly Zoho Chat, Cliq is a team messaging and collaboration app from Zoho software suite, offered in free and premium editions. Apart from chat, you can now communicate with team members via audio and video for more cohesive and deeper collaboration.

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11. Webcast

Our score: 8.0 User satisfaction: 81%

Webcast is a video conferencing software that provides extensive features, proprietary software platform, and a manager to fulfill this purpose.

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12. Blizz

Our score: 7.7 User satisfaction:

Blizz by TeamViewer empowers collaboration through live chat, video, voice, and screen sharing.

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Similar Categories:

In the event you didn't find just the solution you were looking for here's a list of various categories similar to Video Conferencing Software that you might want to browse through:

Video Conferencing Software Guide

Table of contents

The benefits of making your business a bit more video-centric are numerous, having become this aware of the creative power of video content and its mass impact on human communication. Coping with it successfully, though, remains a challenge in commercial environments, where face-to-face communication still holds the throne of effective performance.

Video-Conferencing Software: The online meeting experience

The truth is that basing your revenue generating process on video communication gets only as serious as you want it to be, and you don’t really understand neither the purpose nor the meaning before it becomes absolutely indispensable. In terms of indispensability, globalization is pretty much enough to explain why every large corporation out there has to install the best video conferencing tools as soon as possible.

In the ideal case, the best video conferencing tools enable initiation and organization of meetings online, featuring at the same time video and audio transmitting, and exchange of textual content and files in multiple formats. The biggest beneficiaries of video conferencing are large companies interested in collaborating with global partners and clients, in order to make their work more productive, and to cut travel costs.

What makes video conferencing software tools more attractive in comparison to web conferencing is that developers have done the impossible to replicate real-time meetings, giving all participants a seat and a chance to participate by ‘raising a hand.’  The cherry on top is probably that advanced conferencing systems enable multiple types of communication at once, meaning that as a participant, you can refer to the entire audience, or to a particular member using private chat, or be the only one who is not physically present in the room where the conference is being held. Communication is instant, available via all devices and translated in all demanded languages, and best of all: participants get to decide whether they want to join face-to-face, or use the audio bridge to communicate with the rest of the group.

Get to know each product with free trial

We recommend you sign up for the free trials or demo offered by top video conferencing software providers to check out their list of features and do an overall comparison. This will help you learn if the software is suitable for your business. Sign up forRingCentral Meetings trial, which has been given high SmartScore rankings by our SaaS experts in our video conferencing software reviews

Targeted Businesses

  • Startups and small groups can make use of video conferencing software.
  • Companies with offices in multiple locations can reduce the business travel costs of their employees with the solution.
  • Multinational companies with international offices can use web-based video conferencing software to connect their employees in different locations around the world.
  • Companies with remote workers deployed on field or authorized to work from home.

What are Examples of Video Conferencing Software?

  • Skype: Skype is one of the best VoIP solutions providers in the world and offers video chat, group video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration features such as document and image sharing.
  • Slack: Slack is a communications app created specifically for small business team chatting.
  • ClickMeeting: ClickMeeting is a browser-based web conferencing application with powerful features designed to make webinars and online meetings more productive.
  • Mikogo: Mikogo is an easy-to-use screen sharing product that can be used for online meetings, sales calls, remote support, webinars, presentations, and web conferencing.

Types of Video Conferencing Software

  • Telepresence videoconferencing systems – These give the appearance of being present (tele-present) in a meeting though the participants are dispersed in different locations.
  • Integrated videoconferencing rooms – These are group conferencing apps used in classrooms, board rooms, and conference rooms with many participants.
  • Set-top or appliance videoconferencing systems – These are systems designed to interconnect a camera, conference phone and codec equipment into monitors. 
  • Desktop videoconferencing systems – This type brings video communications into your personal workspace via your workstation.
  • Service based-videoconferencing systems This type is provided as a service by a third party provider, usually your network company, who also takes care of the configuration and settings.

Key Features of Video Conferencing Software

  • Whiteboard – Helps meeting participants present their points
  • Video streaming – The meeting can be streamed in real time over the internet
  • Two-way audio & video – Helps participants to interact easily
  • Record & playback ability – Meetings can be recorded and reviewed later on
  • Private text chat – Participants can text each other privately
  • Presentation streaming – Presentations can be streamed over the internet for a wider audience
  • On-demand webcasting – Meetings can be broadcast over the web
  • Electronic hand raising – This helps participants to join the meeting and make their point
  • Chat /messaging – Participants can also chat or message each other if they wish
  • Application sharing – You can share apps with others for better productivity
  • Virtual background – This allows digital replacement of home walls or into a more fitting background during meetings and presentations.  

Benefits of Video Conferencing Software

Our detailed comparisons indicate that first and foremost, video conferencing software cuts up-front performance expenses, mostly in large companies where employees are required to travel, or are already working abroad in a decentralized office. Video-conferencing systems are often referred to as the new frontiers in business productivity, particularly because there is almost no installation cost involved (you can use the equipment you already have), the infrastructure is future-proof, and employees need no time to get hands around the new idea, which, by the way, sounds attractive.

Second, video conferencing software enhances both the individual and the team collaboration spirit, as sending an instant message via satellite is much easier than moving up and down in the building to convey it. While some would argue that online communication sharpens the risk of misunderstanding each other, the video capacity excludes every possibility for miscommunication, keeping all participants on alert for the topic that is being discussed. Video conferencing doesn’t only ‘not waste time’: it creates it!

Third, managing becomes noticeably easier: leaders have access to a flexible system of communication, with all users on board for important information and monitoring. As a result, interface improves on all levels, and all data is presented in real time. An additional benefit, often overseen when discussing such systems, is that they facilitate hiring and instructing people. A recruiter finds it much easier to perform video interviews instead of relying on CV data, and appointing separate dates for each candidate.

This being said, video conferencing is more than essential for effectiveness and productivity. It has a futuristic approach for discovering new business opportunities, such as providing face-to-face customer support, and similar ways to use video technology as a competitive advantage. Many surveys have proven that video conferencing teams perform better than ones relying completely on real time communication, because they spend less on traveling, conduct shorter meetings, record higher participation rates, have better access to experts, and most of all: discover talent faster than anyone else.

The security threats of using video conferencing software

The video conference production industry is certainly not the one to nitpick for flaws in, that’s more than certain. Still, nothing is perfect, and there are a few issues to stay on alert about even in the case of most advanced video conferencing systems.

To be more precise: cameras provide an amazing insight on performance, but they can do the same for someone else as they’re doing it for you. Even the tiniest move of the mouse can be enough for a hacker to access a meeting where he ‘wasn’t invited’, and we’re sure that you’re already developing ideas of how devastating this can be for your business.

We’re not saying that video conferencing is absolutely exposed, but rather that you have to consider the threat in advance, and make sure that gaps are properly closed. Choosing a reliable provider is a great way to start, even if guarded trade of information is among the most luxurious pleasures one can afford on the internet.

What is it that makes video conferencing software so vulnerable? Wrapped up in a single sentence, it is the presence of a few features your provider should have avoided:

The product is expensive, but installation is cheap

You can never know whether hackers will be genuinely interested in your business, but by installing software the easy way you’re literally inviting them. Poor encryptions place the program outside your firewall, and that’s something you should know before raising shoulders and being happy that you’re not spending time.

Nonexistent access security

You may think this is a cool feature that provides control over what your employees are doing, but get ready to share that control with ‘interested third parties’. When an inbound call doesn’t need to be accepted, it will take a single button to explore what is happening in a conference room. The same way you push that button, there will be someone who will dial it up, and become an active listener without anybody even noticing him.

Open address books and databases

It is not about the type of damage a hacker break-in can cause, but the scale of it: when somebody gets access to your conferencing software, he becomes automatically entitled to wander around your data, and even extract information about other companies which can compromise you legally.

Pricing Overview

Familiarizing with the benefits of video conferencing programs, most users think that it will cost them a pretty penny to purchase one, but that’s not entirely true. There is a wide range of fully-enabled solutions that perform impeccably, and are flexible enough for you to tailor them to your needs without exhausting your budget. Depending on the number of users you want to include, the need for additional equipment or advanced features, video conferencing ranks from absolutely free programs to premium group systems that charge something like $30,000 on annual basis.

Apart from the free (but limited) versions, paid monthly plans offer more features and usually range between $2/user per month (Skype) to $50 (Zoom). The continuous improvement of network systems is seen to help lower the costs of video conferencing for developers in the coming years.


Unlike most systems that enhance business performance, video conferencing ones are not expected to grow larger, but deeper. Before we know it, video conferencing will tackle every aspect of our business, and we’ll no longer meet in person. Instead, we will be using multipoint meeting software, and dial up chosen colleagues in only a few seconds when we need to set up a meeting with them.

Remote work and video conferencing

With events such as today’s global pandemic, working from home has become the default option to continue operations while riding out the contagion. Video conferencing was pushed to the spotlight as it became the only viable method to meet team members without risking going out. Utilizing built-in cameras and mics in laptops or their external counterparts, video conferencing software became the hot must-have software upon the announcement of quarantines and lockdowns.

With demand came expectations and, as a result, software developers are working double time to further improve functionality and bridge the gap among remote team members.

Potential Issues

  • Video vs. audio calls The quality of video calls compared to audio-only calls is staggering. A 1.5 Mbps connection is deemed necessary for a Skype call, while an audio VoIP requires just 100 kbps. Sometimes, the lag is noticeable and can be very annoying.
  • Bandwidth issues Given the fact that not all locations have the same network speed and latency, video conference is only as good as the lowest network quality. This may be acceptable when dealing with point-to-point meetings, but when faced with a team scattered all over the country, this might pose some problems. 
  • Tech support may take time If you’re running into problems during your conference call and you can’t pinpoint the issue, you might as well give up the ghost. Having tech support look at the issues or perform a fix will entail you bringing your equipment to the IT department or schedule remote support. For that particular meeting, help will come too late. 
  • Integration issues While most videoconferencing solutions are device-agnostic, some issues can pop up with new OS updates or old software versions. 


List of Video Conferencing Software Companies

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Video Conferencing Software
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Video Conferencing Software

Things to consider when you invest in a SaaS

To select an apt SaaS vendor you need to consider key criteria such as privacy and security, support and service, and transparency.

Find out if the provider can be trusted with data security and privacy. Do they have processes in place to protect your confidential information and data? Find about the security processes they use. This is an important aspect of a SaaS system that cannot be over-emphasized.

It is important that the vendor offers reliable support to resolve any issues quickly. Ask your potential providers the following queries: Do they offer consulting and training services to assist your staff members to use the software efficiently? Do they have an online support center that has valuable articles and training resources? What channels of support do they provide? Do they monitor problems till they are resolved? Is customer satisfaction measured?

Does the SaaS provider conduct their business in a transparent and open manner? You can find out by asking them for references you can contact. Talk to existing customers of the software to find out about the quality of service offered. Does the vendor make public the algorithms they employ in the platform? Ask these questions to find a SaaS vendor whom you can trust with your confidential customer and business data.

Frequently asked questions about Video Conferencing Software

What is the best video conferencing software?

The best video conference is RingCentral Video, which gives users all the web conferencing needs that they would need, from screen sharing to team messaging, on top of its core video conferencing services.

RingCentral Video allows you to host HD video conference calls for up to 500 people. No matter where you’re from, you can easily hold virtual meetings using your smartphone, computer, tablet, and telepresence room systems. With its ability to host up to 10,000 attendees, RingCentral Video can also work effectively for webinars and conference presentations.

Cost-wise, RingCentral Video offers a free version that supports unlimited 1-to-1 meetings and group meetings of up to 40 minutes. Paid subscriptions provide 24/7 call support and free minutes for its Call Me and Call Out features.

What are the benefits of video conferencing software?

Video conferencing software has proved to be a viable alternative to in-person meetings. It also offers a number of tangible benefits. These include the following:

  • Lower costs. It cuts up-front meeting costs while keeping productivity high. Video conferencing reduces or removes travel requirements for meetings, so it accords you savings not just in cost but in time as well.
  • Efficient collaboration. Video conferencing software enhances collaboration. Gathering up concerned team members over video is far simpler to organize and much easier to start. In addition, a single meeting can cover a maximum area.
  • Managing meetings becomes easier. With video and audio, leaders have access to a flexible system of communication as well as presentation tools to communicate, present data, and share findings instantaneously.
What are the features of video conferencing software?

Video conferencing software features a number of functions that make it easier and more convenient to

Whiteboard. This feature provides a medium where participants can write, draw, elaborate and present supporting ideas for their points. 

Video streaming. This ensures meetings are streamed in real time via the internet so everybody stays on the same page.

Two-way audio & video – Helps participants to interact easily as they both can hear and see input and broadcast output similarly.

Record & playback ability. Like regular meetings, recording the entire meeting for transcription and minutes is a convenient feature that lends support to notes.  

Private text chat. This lets one participant communicate discreetly with another participant for any clarifications or questions during meetings.

Presentation streaming. Provides the ability to broadcast a presentation in real time that everybody can see.

On-demand webcasting. This option allows real-time webcasting of the meeting when the occasion demands.

Electronic hand-raising. This addresses the situation where everybody wants to talk at the same time. An alert is flashed to show whenever a person wants to take center stage. 

Chat /messaging. This lets you communicate with individuals or the entire group via text simultaneous with the video meeting. 

Application sharing. Same as file sharing, the software lets you share apps to get everybody on board. 

Virtual background.  This handy feature lets you replace your actual background (which may not be presentable at the moment) in favor of ready-to-use backdrops that are more befitting for conference calls.

What is the easiest video conferencing software to use?

Gone are the days when video conferencing entailed a production-like setup and a certain amount of time to start up the system. Today’s versions are a matter of connecting to the network and, in many cases, just making sure your mobile phone is turned on.

Zoom only requires the meeting caller to have an account. The participants invited do not need to sign up or have an existing account.

Lifesize doesn’t require downloads or signups to start, as it only requires you to have a meeting link in order to join the teleconference. In addition, the software easily integrates with your productivity and calendar software so you don’t have to miss a schedule.

Flock works with multiple devices and works like a productivity app where you can create teams or group channels so you can arrange group calls and share files in a more organized way.

What is a good free video conference?

While most video conferencing software have free versions, these are mostly limited versions of the program and will require you to pay to experience full functionality.

Skype offers a fully functional video conferencing for up to 50 people absolutely free.

RingCentral Video offers a free version that allows unlimited 1-on-1 calls and up to 40 minutes on group calls of up to 100 participants.

WebEx does not require signups as well to join meetings. The free plan gives you meetings with screen sharing with up to 100 participants. If you need to share files or apps, transcribe minutes, or assign alternate hosts, you’ll need a paid plan.


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