What is Web Conferencing Software?

You can use Web conferencing software to participate in video and audio meetings using the internet. Features of this solution include screen sharing, chat, remote control, presence information, file sharing, and recording. Sophisticated solutions offer integration with marketing automation and CRM platforms, advanced security functionality, and capability for audience interaction. There are many benefits of Web conferencing software such as enhanced collaboration, affordable long-distance communication, and minimized travel expenses. If you are a startup or small business with a low budget, you can try one of the free software available in the market. Top vendors of web conferencing solutions include Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and RingCentral. To find and use web conferencing software effectively, you can check out the top-rated apps in this category including the current topper 8x8 VoIP Phone Service.

Most Popular Web Conferencing Software

8×8 VoIP Phone Service reviews
8×8 VoIP Phone Service

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 93%

Advanced capabilities such as web conferencing, Internet faxing, smartphone integration, and an online dashboard that gives you call management control. Read Reviews

Join.me reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Instant screen sharing with powerful meeting tools and unlimited audio. Read Reviews

Zoom reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 99%

A simple video conferencing and meeting software that promotes and improves collaboration through an integrated system of web conference, online meeting, and group messaging. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Web Conferencing Software

A good web conferencing software helps companies to conduct meetings between employees in different locations. This can help to reduce travel expenses and participants can join in from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Efficient collaboration leads to stronger teams and faster speeds in online marketing campaigns and products. This buyer’s guide provides you useful pointers on what factors to consider as you shortlist for the best Web Conferencing software for enterprises and SMBs.

Get to know each product with free trial

We recommend you sign up for the free trial plans offered by leading vendors. This will help you to test drive the main features of each software at no cost. To start, you can register for the free trials of 8×8 VoiP Phone Service reviews HipChat and Zoho Meeting which have received a high SmartScore and user satisfaction rating in the web conferencing software category, and see whether some of them are the best Web Conferencing software tools for your company .

Targeted Businesses

  • Companies that have offices in multiple locations can use web conferencing software for online meetings which can help them save travel costs.
  • Small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises can use the software to connect their employees in diverse locations as well as for meetings with customers.

What are Examples of Web Conferencing Software?

  • 8×8 VoIP Phone Service: 8×8 hosted VoIP phone service offers advanced capabilities such as web conferencing, smartphone integration, and internet faxing.  
  • Join.me: Join.me is a cloud-based app for small business and large enterprises that enables allows people and companies to meet online in an instant.
  • HipChat: HipChat is a communications application that offers features such as private and group chat, screen sharing, file sharing, and video calling, among others.
  • ClickMeeting: ClickMeeting is a great app for collaboration and communication for companies that have employees in remote locations.
  • Zoho Meeting: Zoho Meeting allows companies to conduct online meetings efficiently and reduce travel costs.

Types of Web Conferencing Software

The different types of web conferencing software can be categorized based on how they are used:

  • Simple online meetings – These systems can be used to conduct simple online meeting using screen-sharing and audio features.
  • Large-scale webcasting – These systems can be used to webcast to a huge online audience
  • Enterprise collaboration – These can be used by midsize and large organizations for project collaboration across distances.
  • Education and training – These apps can be used to train and educate people remotely via the internet.
  • Rich media sharing – Multimedia users can use this type as it is optimized for running rich media apps.
  • Customer support – This system can be used by organizations to provide customer support.
  • Remote access – You can remotely access another person’s computer for troubleshooting and other reasons.

Key Features of Web Conferencing Software

Following is the list of main features of web conferencing software:

Does it Offer Mobile Support?

Today, employees are not limited to merely working in the office. They travel to other places, visit customers and vendors, have lunch with other team members, etc. The vendor should offer mobile support to enable your employees to collaborate and connect from anywhere. The web conferencing software should allow access from laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Buy a Cost-Effective ‘All-in-One’ Solution

You would be wasting money and time shopping for different solutions for web conferencing, video conferencing, teleconferencing, etc. It will work out to be more expensive and could become a hassle to use the different apps separately. Go for a vendor who offers all these services in one cost-effective package. Make sure the package contains all the features you need for effective web conferencing.

Ease of Use

Even popular web conferencing software apps can be a bit difficult to use. You may need to take multiple steps to join a meeting. Plus, the software can make it hard to perform screen-sharing with another user without giving them full control. Many services offer the same features, but work differently. We recommend you sign up for the free trials of top web conferencing apps and test drive their features to understand how easy they are to use in the real world.

Video Quality

Most corporate communication is non-verbal and text-based which means there are no social cues to help you understand better. For effective video conferencing, make sure the solution provides high quality video. This will enable you to view the facial emotions and hand gestures of participants in face-to-face video meetings. Top web conferencing software focus on the person who is currently speaking which will enable you to catch social cues.

Flexible Audio Features

The software should offer flexible audio features to enable participants to join and contribute from anywhere. Normally for audio conferencing, you can dial in with a phone or utilize your computer’s audio. These options make it simple for your employees to participate from their desk or on the go. So, make sure the solution includes audio conferencing with useful options and features.

Benefits of Web Conferencing Software

How do you Plan to Use the Software?

Be clear about how you plan to use the web conferencing application now and in the future. Apart from team meetings, you can use it to interview customers to ask about improvements, train employees in various off-site offices and those who work from home, host webinars to answer the questions posed by your prospects, etc. Once you are clear about your present and future requirements, you can go about the process of selecting a suitable software for your needs.

Streaming and Recording

It is standard to record web conferences to be used for different purposes. Some apps only provide proprietary recording formats making it difficult for you to play and share the recordings. So, make sure you can record your web meetings in standard MPEG 4 audio and MP4 video formats. Opt for a cloud-based software which does not levy any charge for storage of the recordings. Another important point is to ensure the web conferencing software supports video and audio streaming.

Integration with Calendar

This point adds to the ease of use factor. The web conferencing software should smoothly integrate with popular calendar apps to enable you to easily send meeting invites. You should be able to schedule meetings and create calendar invites that you can share with participants. The invites should contain all essential information including phone numbers.

Customizable Meeting Rooms and Screens

You should be able to customize the meeting room and screen depending on the type of meeting. For instance, you might want to use full screen video, or a gallery view to show a PowerPoint presentation to participants. So, make sure the software offers different views and makes it easy for you to customize the meeting rooms and screens.

Bottom line

We hope this article has given you a good grounding on the basic factors and features to look for in web conferencing software. Be clear about your needs and try out the free trials of a few good web conferencing solutions to zero in on the right one for your business.

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