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commEven if it weren’t for such a digitalized environment to push our way through, communication would still be the driving force behind our business’s success. While it stands that all team members need to focus on particular tasks, the lack of coherence and synchronization of those tasks would still mean their efforts were senseless. That’s why we believe that a modern business cannot go without a private communication network, and the breakthrough on certain apps on the market is already proving it.

As it turns out, online retailers, service providers, and knowledge workers all need quality communications software to eliminate the fuss that would arise from limited information access. With programs such as the ones we are to discuss in this article, the teams actually work as teams, saving time and boosting the productivity of their businesses. Let’s examine how some of the best communications software services make this possible:

1. RingCentral – Our score 9.6/10

RingCentral is a well-known cloud phone system holding our Best Communications Software Award for 2015, delivered for reasons fairly similar to the ones that make this tool so popular. Unlike what a company would expect from a phone system (and which usually goes down to purchasing hardware and installing applications), RingCentral is one of those apps you set up and manage in minutes.

RingCentral offers a variety of enterprise-level communication capabilities, including texting, call handling, voicemail, fax, mobile apps, and even BYOD. It will blend seamlessly within your already installed software infrastructure, and you won’t have to bother your IT department to make data run smoothly from leading business apps such as Zendesk, Desk, Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, and the Microsoft suite. In fact, RingCentral will hardly ever make you rely on technical support, as using it is simplified specifically to suit the needs of less savvy users. Finally, RingCentral is also suitable for audio and video conferencing, even if its flexible pricing scheme is not such a financial burden as similar apps can be.

MightyCall: Best VoIP Solution

MightyCall won our Supreme Software Award for 2017

MightyCall is one of world’s leading virtual receptionist systems that facilitate the processing of calls users receive on their toll-free, local, and vanity numbers. It is also the current winner of our Supreme Software and Expert’s Choice Award for 2017, praised for a number of premium features such as ClickConnect used to direct calls-to-action embedded on business websites, blogs, online stores, and several similar shortcuts used to convert random visitors into paying customers. With MightyCall, calls are seamlessly routed to the most adequate departments, which means that despite of sudden call spikes, there will always be an agent available to handle a customer inquiry. At the same time, MightyCall offers an intuitive and flexible platform that grows in parallel with your business. What is even better is that you get to serve customers from a completely virtual environment, and won’t have to worry about maintaining and updating the platform yourself.

If you’d like to see the software in action you can easily request a free MightyCall demo here.

The 24/7 individual receptionist was designed to give customers dedicated local, vanity, toll-free or even international numbers they can use to reach (be reached by) customers regardless of their location. Upon need, users can also get a dedicated port for their existent numbers and devices, and preserve the traction with current customers. In such way, MightyCall will be connected to any conference/landline number and office device or even the mobile phone of your agents.

With MightyCall, each customer receives a welcoming message and gets listed into an activity queue until his query is redirected to the right agent. Voice mail and voice-to-text transcriptions are also available upon request, and the number can be replaced with professional digits if the agent requires so. MightyCall will also provide Social Media and Email trackers you can use to gather customer information and convert it into operable intelligence, and which measure and compare the progress of your agents.

2. 8×8 VoIP Phone Service – Our score 9.3/10

There are a lot of discussions going around on whether businesses can really benefit from a VoIP system or not, but 8×8 VoIP Service is one of the most successful apps that makes those benefits visible. Introduced just few years ago, 8X8 didn’t take long to fascinate the market, and is today’s preferred communication services of many brand giants, such as McDonalds, Shutterstock, iCruise, Allstate, and others. Surprisingly enough, 8×8 VoIP prices start as low as $19.99 per month and the transition to higher plans is painless.

There are many reasons why 8×8 is such a popular VoIP software, the main one being the suite of advanced features such as instant messaging, smartphone integration, internet faxing, automated answering and call routing, and the unique smartphone-managed web conferencing. Users have also been impressed by the company’s reliable support, being one click away from solving any problem that may arise in the system. We also recommend 8×8 VoIP to small and mid-sized businesses, because the service it can offer is tailored to suit every company with 5 to 5,000 employees.

3. Jive – Our score 9.1/10

Jive was designed to respond to the social collaboration and communication needs of businesses from all scales and industries. It can be useful for every company trying to achieve strategic alignment of teams, and to improve its communication strategy to the extent of making collaboration more productive. As our stats indicate, that’s exactly what this product has done for its customers, which explains its position on our top ten lists.

So why would you choose Jive? To start with, the product is loaded with out-of-the-box capabilities, all aimed to enhance communication even in the most diverse teams. Jive is simple and has a very user-friendly interface, and you can customize everything from the looks to the most complex analytics and reporting, introduce your viable business plans, and determine the course of action. Not many programs provide such flexibility; especially not on Jive’s out-of-shelf price (payment starts as low as $5 per month). Besides, Jive lets you choose whether you want to deploy it in cloud, or set up your own intranet in order to use it. On top of that, you can include as many users as you need, and follow updates using nothing but your mobile phone.

4. Slack – Our score 9.0/10

Fairly similar to Jive, Slack presents a whole new level of instant messaging uniting various communication channels in one platform. It is another of our popular and top-rated communication apps, which helps both individuals and businesses to communicate, and to store their interaction data in a searchable and actionable database.

What is really impressive about Slack is that it never stops developing. It was introduced as a basic chat app, but grew to be an all-in-one business communication service which nowadays integrates with many popular systems to make sharing as easy as possible. In fact, you can count on numerous configurable synchronization features to make sure data will run smoothly and without delay. On top of that, you will have access to native mobile apps to communicate and share on the go.

Other important features you should consider checking are the configurable and flexible notifications (both for the phone and the desktop app), the webhooks and the open API which allows integration with every business app you may be using, 1:1 private messaging, open communication channels, snippets, emoji support, and many others.

5. – Our score 9.0/10


From its very first arrival on the digital scene, was tagged as a business collaboration app, rather than a personal communications one. It is because it helps companies organize and hold online business meetings, web conferences, and presentations, keeping everybody in the company one button away from joining a conversation. is LogMeIn’s top product developed by both IT and business experts interested to deliver an unbreakable base for your corporate information, which is why it is empowered with enterprise authentication and share control. The security provisions count for every plan, including the forever-free one which covers 10 users and a plethora of VoIP capabilities. What this means is that small businesses can afford having a powerful tool like in their suite at no cost.

The same as in the previous cases, is a cloud hosted service, meaning that there is no need for you to download or install software. The interface is friendly and appealing, and can be customized to make it more brand-appropriate. In fact, the spontaneous nature and personal background/URL customization make it more than suitable for creative and artistic businesses.

6. Skype – Our score 9.0/10

There is little we can share about Skype and which you don’t already know, except maybe of the fact that this cloud-hosted and open source solution can be equally as good for large corporations as it is for small businesses and individuals. Being a pioneer in the industry, Skype pushed traditional communication boundaries long ago, and almost eliminated phone communication from the scene. The reasons were more than obvious.

Before than anything else, Skype is a free service. It will enable you to hold online meetings for up to 250 people and encrypt your information without paying a single cent. There are also higher plans, such as the Online Plan ($5.50), Office 365 Business Essentials ($5.00) and Office 365 Business Premium which include HD videos, IM, audio calling, and technical support, while some of them offer even a 50GB mailbox and office apps for mobile devices. In any of those cases, Skype remains an easy to use and affordable service applied everywhere around the world, which makes it one of the primary products you should consider when looking for the perfect communication system for your business.

7. ShoreTel Sky – Our score 8.9/10

Available in almost every country in the world and priced on quote basis, ShoreTel Sky makes for the perfect business communication service for companies interested to bring their teams together. Initially, ShoreTel Sky was just a cloud hosted phone system, but was soon enriched with a plethora of automated attendant services, calling features, IM, conferencing, and file sharing to cover as many internal/external communication channels as possible. Even if it is powerful enough to sustain external communication, ShoreTel Sky is still best at delivering private and internal communication channels.

Alongside conferencing and sharing files on time, ShoreTel Sky can help your productivity grow by making your brand more reputable. Soon after you’ve implemented it, ShoreTel Sky will improve the quality of your service, and clients will be more engaged and satisfied than ever. An additional bonus is the tool’s mobile features suite, which enable managers to stay connected with their desk phones even outside office hours, meaning that they hardly ever miss their calls. On top of that, you can use ShoreTel Sky for CRM and ERP purposes, which means it can also affect the quality of your business intelligence.

8. Google Hangouts – Our score 8.8/10

Most users are already familiar with Google Hangouts due to personal reasons, and will therefore be able to guess how useful this tool can be for business purposes. Ideally suitable for small and mid-sized companies, Google Hangouts engages users in various communication channels, covering text and voice messages, and video conferencing for an unlimited number of users.

The reason why your business can benefit from Google Hangouts is that the program generates business email addresses, integrates calendars, spreadsheets and online documents, and allows you to create project sites in a very easy way. As you can expect, storage won’t be an issue, and documents will be neatly organized in a searchable database from where you can export them in different formats. To make matters even better, you will have access to Google Vault for eDiscovery, and it will cover all of your emails, chats, and documents. Right when you thought matters cannot get any better – Google Hangouts packages cost only $5 and $10!

9. Roundee – Our Score: 8.0/10


Roundee is a video conferencing platform designed to be easily adaptable to any working environment, helping users maximize online meetings with powerful features on top of video conferencing, such as recording and transcription. It is built to be versatile and seamlessly integrated, enabling users to video record online meetings and delegate tasks on the spot.

With Roundee, users never have to go through post-meeting minute writing and reviews that are time-intensive and boring. During the online meeting, users can co-edit minutes so everybody is on the same page. Roundee even sends the transcription to attendees and other important parties once the meeting is concluded. Integration with Slack makes it easy for users to upload minutes and details of the meeting and then make it accessible to other users.

10.  Dead Simple Screen Sharing – Our Score: 8.0/10

Dead Simple Screen Sharing facilitates your audio conferencing with an intuitive screen sharing tool. It helps you get your points across more clearly during online meetings and keeps the meeting participants on the same page. The app is also useful for sales demos, client presentations and remote meetings.
The software is based on HTML5 and is compatible and responsive to various devices and browsers. That means you can conduct presentations wherever and from your phone as long as you are connected to the internet.
Moreover, your audience doesn’t need to download and install anything to view your presentation. You just send your URL and they can see your material at once. Customers or clients will find this feature convenient and less of a hassle.
Likewise, if you’re using Slack, Dead Simple Screen Sharing integrates smoothly with it so your audio conferencing is greatly enhanced. Key features here include HD audio conferencing, unlimited participants and recording.

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